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1792 Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey (75cl; 46.85%)

1792 Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey (75cl; 46.85%)

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1792 Small Batch Bourbon - A Tribute to Kentucky's Heritage

In the year 1792, Kentucky was officially granted statehood, marking a pivotal moment in American history. Paying homage to this significant milestone, we proudly present 1792 Small Batch Bourbon, a true embodiment of Kentucky's rich bourbon tradition.

Crafted as a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, this expression is a testament to the region's unparalleled whiskey-making legacy. But is it merely a coincidence that it bears the name "1792"? We beg to differ; it's a deliberate nod to Kentucky's legacy.

Our distinctive mashbill, generously enriched with rye, sets this bourbon apart. It delivers a captivating flavor profile characterized by herbal spice, harmoniously intertwined with the timeless allure of caramelized sugar, buttered corn, and the subtle nuances of toasted oak that define top-notch bourbons.

Whether enjoyed neat or with a few ice cubes, 1792 Small Batch Bourbon is the perfect companion for basking in the warmth of a sunny evening. Join us in celebrating the history and flavors that make Kentucky bourbon exceptional.

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