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De Kuyper PeachTree PeachSchnapps Liqueur 1L

De Kuyper PeachTree PeachSchnapps Liqueur 1L

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Peachtree is the first liqueur that has the taste and smell of tree-ripe peaches, and the liqueur is perceived as sublime by many. Peachtree goes perfectly in a refreshing Fizzy Peachtree or a fruity Sex on the Beach. Fizzy Peachtree is a modern drink that fits the fizzy trend as well as the lower ABV and calorie trend. As this cocktail is made with 40ml Peachtree, 100ml sparkling water and the juice of 1/4 lime, it is also convenient to make at home. With only 93 calories per glass, it’s lower in calories than your regular beer or wine. Responding to the convenience trend, Peachtree is launching its ready-to-drink Fizzy Peachtree cocktail in a convenient can in 2019. Being pure and clear Peachtree is easily mixable and gives a fruity taste to classics like the Sex on the Beach cocktail.
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