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Four Roses Single Barrel 100 proof Bourbon Whiskey (70cl; 50%)

Four Roses Single Barrel 100 proof Bourbon Whiskey (70cl; 50%)

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"Only Four Roses uses five yeast strains with two mashbills to create 10 completely different Bourbon recipes. For this Single Barrel product, I always hand select each barrel from the same recipe at the peak of its maturity for its robust and distinctive character. You’ll notice rich aromas of fruit and delicate flavours of apricot and pear balance perfectly with notes of oak, light spice and caramel.”

– Brent Elliott [Four Roses Master Distiller]


Nose: Cinder toffee and rum and raisin fudge with an oaky spiciness. It is quite dry and peppery but with plenty of sweetness to balance it out. Some vanilla in there too. Not much alcohol burn on the nose.

Taste: Heavy on caramel with more cinder toffee and some creamy fudge but all with an enjoyable spiciness from the high rye mashbill at the forefront of the flavor profile. There is some cherry and cinnamon in there too for good measure. This is a very good flavor profile and whilst not super complex you do get a lot of flavors considering the low price this bottle retails at. It’s very enjoyable indeed!

Finish: The finale is quite spicy too, a mixture of caramel and peppery rye with a little oak and some creamed corn at the very end.

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